Woolmore Primary School

Address Woolmore St
E14 0EW
Contact Info. T: 020 7987 2778 
Type School
About Us

Until recently Woolmore was a one-form entry primary school hidden from view in a somewhat dilapidated Victorian building. In February 2015 (after a long wait and a campaign concluding with turning around a vote in a council meeting) we eventually moved into our brand new 4 storey, 3FE (ultimately) school, beside the Blackwall Tunnel in Poplar, East London. We currently have 360 pupils with the majority of families originating from Bangladesh and Somaliland. Increasingly our population includes families from India, Brazil, Italy and Poland.

All children can achieve success

This belief is at the very core of our being and we are forensic in our approach to high standards. For each child at Woolmore we ask ‘What would it take?’ and then we do it. We talk, we listen, we check, we make new plans, we tweak them, and we make sure that what we are doing works. Relentless focus and high energy are what it takes to be a successful school and we give it our all. Our pupils achieve success: starting from generally low entry points our pupils consistently meet and, in most cases exceed, national expectations across the board in terms of attainment and progress. We are very proud of this and, of course, seek continuous improvement.