Woodton Primary School

Address Norwich Road Woodton Bungay
NR35 2LL
Contact Info. T: 01508 482294
Type School
About Us

Woodton Primary School is a small village school, in South Norfolk, and is part of a local federation. The school has two classes, a Reception with KS1 and a KS2 class, with a high mobility rate. The proportion of pupils who have special educational needs or disability, and the proportion of pupils receiving pupil premium are both above average.

I became the Headteacher in January 2014 and spent the first few weeks assessing the school to identifying the needs. It very quickly became apparent that the school was in a very vulnerable position. Expectations and aspirations were low. It was therefore important to prioritise our starting points for changes, as Ofsted were due.

I started with the quality of teaching, identifying the progress of the children, the behaviour of the pupils and the key points identified by Ofsted in 2010.