Thursfield Primary School

Address Chapel Lane
Stoke on Trent
Contact Info. T: 01782 512301
Type School
About Us

Developing Children for a changing world

Thursfield is a larger than average primary school held in very high regard by the local community as it adheres to “traditional values” reaching good levels of academic attainment with a strong record of sporting success. Over the years, it has attracted many pupils from outside its catchment area whose parents recognise the work of the school.

Our journey for improvement began in 2007 when the school was judged as “satisfactory”. Nobody likes to be thought of as just satisfactory and so we set about tackling the improvement points:

“Improve use of data to identify underachievement at an earlier stage, and take action to rectify any causes from this”

“Improve the quality of teaching by ensuring that teachers are made aware of exactly what they could do to improve their lessons”