Swingate Primary School

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By Kirstine Boon, Headteacher

Swingate is safe because the teachers keep us safe. It is a happy place to be because the teachers have smiles. It is a great place to learn because we have great topics. By Freddie aged 7

In describing a journey you would expect a beginning and an end. It is often assumed the middle occurs naturally. Our story is made up of chapters. We are not sure how many there will be or how ‘thick’ our book will be but with every chapter you will get more engrossed and feel more satisfied as reader. We hope!

In being asked to describe how the school has moved forward, I have hesitated. Having the opportunity and time to stand back, reflect and feel a sense of pride in what has been achieved is a real honour. However in being given the chance, it is rather difficult to find the words to summarise what has happened and the milestones along the way. Time goes by too quickly in schools with rapid changes happening on almost a daily basis and we often forget the detail. Yet every moment counts and every decision made has an impact.