Stamford Park Junior School

Address Cedar Road
WA15 9JB
Contact Info. T: 0161 928 3608
Type School
About Us

Aiming For Excellence

Stamford Park Junior School is a community school of 275 pupils with a building dating from 1905. There are twelve classrooms that radiate from a central hall, some of which provide additional space for subject specific teaching such as an ICT suite, a Music room, Learning Resource room with a cookery area. The school also has a very large hall which is generally used for assemblies and P.E., but where groups of children invariably spill out of their classrooms to work in small groups with a specialist Teaching Assistant, who is able to target SEN pupils or G&T pupils for Literacy or Numeracy support.

The children come from a wide range of backgrounds and are correspondingly diverse in their levels of ability, however we do have lower than National Average numbers of pupils on Free School Meals, with Special Educational Needs and with English as an Additional Language. Although the overall picture, when looking at these factors, is one of a school population with very few barriers to learning, we see a wide variety of issues that the pupils deal with on a daily basis.