Pott Shrigley & Bollington St John’s CE Primary School


Pott Shrigley
SK10 5RT

Grimshaw Lane
SK10 5LY

Contact Info. T: 01625 573 260 &: 01625 572 025
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About Us

The Federation of Pott Shrigley and Bollington St John’s CE Primary Schools

Sharing our Gifts and Growing our Talents Together

Our federation of small, rural primary schools came about in September 2009 following a local authority wide restructure that sought to reduce surplus school places across Cheshire. At the time Pott Shrigley had two previous satisfactory gradings at Ofsted with Bollington St John’s moving out of special measures to satisfactory. Both schools were very small, with Pott Shrigley having a teaching head and St John’s having no substansive leadership. The current leadership took over following one year of federation in 2010, inheriting deficit budgets at both schools.

On taking over what was the first federation of schools in the region it became apparent to the leadership that there was very little organisational structure or strategic planning in place and most questions we asked were answered with the reply “No one has ever asked that before!”