St. Gregory’s Catholic High School

Address Cromwell Ave
Contact Info. T: 01925 574888
Type School
About Us

A Reflection on Successful Strategies

“The pupils, parents, governors and staff of St.
Gregory’s Catholic High School strive to work
in partnership to create a living and vibrant
community in which each member is valued.” So
reads the first line of our school mission statement
and our challenge as a school is always to ensure
that these values are lived out every day. It is in
doing this that we have become the outstanding
school that we aspired to be.

St. Gregory’s is an average sized secondary
school situated in Warrington, a large industrial
town in the north west of England. We are a truly
comprehensive school and also a designated ASD
provision for the local authority, a facility which
we call the Iona Room. In 2009 we became part of
a hard federation with Cardinal Newman Catholic
High School to form the Federation of Catholic
High Schools in Warrington under the executive
headship of Stephen Clarke. The school was
recognised as outstanding in its most recent Ofsted