St Aidan’s CE Academy

Address Hundens Lane
Contact Info. T: 01325 373770
Type School
About Us

St Aidan’s CE Academy is a smaller than average SAT located in the market town of Darlington in the North East of England. It serves a community that is predominantly White/British, with an over representation of students qualifying for the pupil premium in an area that is statistically recognised for high levels of deprivation.

St Aidan’s first opened its doors in 1936 as Eastbourne School, bursting with promise, hope and aspirations for a successful school with longevity. Unfortunately, and very sadly this was not to be, culminating, following decades of severe difficulties, with the local newspaper, the Northern Echo (2006), labelling the school as ‘The worst school in the country’. Eastbourne School as it was, closed in 2007 with all students transferring to the new Church of England Academy, however in name only, not geographically until 2 years later. The ‘reborn’ St Aidan’s CE Academy remained in its existing building for a further two years.