Scholes Village Primary School

Address Old Popplewell Lane
BD19 6DN
Contact Info. T: 01274 335500
Type School
About Us

In 2012 Scholes Village Primary School made the transition from a First to a Primary school. Along with extensive building work it also entailed increasing our team to include Year 5 and 6 staff.

With a larger school and the prospect of Key Stage 2 SATS for the first time we looked closely at how we were teaching phonics and spelling and decided to stream the whole school for 20 minutes a day. After training sessions for teachers and ETAs, very specific planning was put in place and every member of staff was responsible for teaching part of a particular phonic phase. The impact of this was amazing and we never have any issues with meeting and exceeding the Year 1 phonics threshold. Our Spelling and Grammar results climbed from 55% achieving Level 4 in 2013 to 84% in 2015 with 63% at Level 5.