Park Lane Learning Trust

Address Park Lane
West Yorkshire
Contact Info. T: 01422 362 215
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Type School
About Us

We are a small 11-16 comprehensive school
in Halifax, Calderdale and are caught up in a
traditional three tier system. The ‘competition’
comes from two well established grammar
schools, good 11-18 comprehensive schools
and new 11-18 academies. For years Park Lane
had the reputation of being similar to the old
fashioned secondary modern, but actually a not
so good old fashioned secondary modern.

The 5 A to Cs with English and Maths averaged
around bottom 20% with 2010 seeing 23%. In
2011 this jumped to 41% then 54% in 2012
with ambitions around 60% for 2013. The
school was in the top 1% of improving schools
for two consecutive years. Of course the 18%
jump (2010 to 2011) was remarkable but to
follow this with a further 13% jump (2011 to
2012) was outstanding, if not unheard of.