Mount Street Primary School

Address Greenbank,
Contact Info. T: 01752 205091
Type School
About Us

Mount Street Primary is a complex inner city school in Plymouth; it is part of The Lipson Learning Cooperative Trust. The school has continually increasing numbers of EAL pupils often arriving with no English at all; increasing deprivation indicators; and rising percentages of children entitled to FSM. The vast majority of our SEN children are our “core” British pupils who are entitled to FSM. We also have a significantly higher than average percentage of mobility at times other than is normal.

Mount Street Primary School has a dynamic learning ethos that focuses on improving pupil’s progress and maintaining high expectations. Learning is clearly defined and understood by all, using a metaphor “Mountainable”. This ethos is underpinned by the Cooperative values and principles of the Trust where cooperative learning is at the centre; values are modelled, along with a strong sense of resilience in learning so that children will succeed in their lives.