Keys Meadow Primary School

Address 84 Tysoe Ave
Contact Info. T: 020 8350 82 00
Type School
About Us

‘You can do it. You can fly.’

“This is a unique school…” launched the feedback at the end of our inspection, June 2015. This meant more to us than the rest of the glowingly good report. It was the OFSTED approval we had strived for – recognition that we had raised standards in our own distinctive way whilst remaining true to our principles.

Following ‘good’ verdicts in 2006 and 2009, we were devastated when, in 2013, we received an OFSTED judgement of ‘Requiring Improvement to be Good’. Our RAISEonline at the time was beginning to resemble the Selfish Giant’s garden – a perpetual ‘blue’ winter, but the inspectors saw something in our school and indicated, as have many visitors and external agencies, that “…this does not feel like an RI school.” Turning this judgement around was going to take all the resilience and determination that we relentlessly impress upon our children. Our challenge was to raise attainment in the core subjects, in particular writing and mathematics, whilst continuing to develop the whole child, provide innovative opportunities to boost aspirations, broaden horizons, and develop personal traits to maximise potential.