Great Bridge Primary School

Address Mount Street
Great Bridge
West Midlands
Contact Info. T: 0121 5571526
Type School
About Us

All valued, all achieving, all equal.

Our school is set between the two small towns of Tipton and Great Bridge in the West Midlands - an area of widespread deprivation with small pockets of moderate affluence.

Great Bridge Primary is a large school: 475 pupils including an 8 place focus provision unit for children with significant and complex learning and physical difficulties. The majority of the school population is white although across school, 19 different languages are represented. The proportion of Special Needs is high, currently 29.9%. Baselines on entry show only 7% of children are at the expected standards of the developmental matters framework. Many children are at least 12 months behind and over a third are 18 months behind; for nursery children, this is half of their life.