Gorse Hall Primary and Nursery School

Address Forester Drive
SK15 2DP
Contact Info. T: 0161 338 4262
Type School
About Us

Working together the possibilities are endless .....

My name is Amanda Stringer and I have been in my second headship at Gorse Hall Primary and Nursery School since April 2010. It is a larger than averagesized primary school in the centre of the small town of Stalybridge in the foothills of the Pennines.

Although at the time of my arrival attainment had remind broadly above national, there had been a downward trend for the previous 5 years on the Raiseon- line, particularly at KS2. CVA was at 99.5 and declining, attendance was at 94.6% and the lowest results at KS2 were recorded for the SAT’s in May 2010. In September 2010 the Ofsted inspection report read “Satisfactory” and highlighted that it was too soon to measure the impact of changes made during the summer term and confirmed that the school needed to: Raise levels of attainment particularly in writing and maths; establish teaching of consistently good or better quality through the school; provide more opportunity for pupils to acquire greater selfdiscipline and respect for others. Following this report the team began to work tirelessly to ensure better outcomes and improve the quality of education we provided.