Deepcar St John’s C of E Junior School

Address St. Margaret Ave
S36 2TE
Contact Info. T: 0114 288 3878
Type School
About Us

Where the individual matters

Deepcar st John’s CEJ is a smaller than average junior school with 190 pupils. The majority of pupils are white British of which 25% have Special Educational Needs. The catchment area is Deepcar, a small town 10 miles north of Sheffield and geographically isolated to the city along one of the valleys. The school has close links with St John’s church, who regularly take Collective Worship. As a school we attend church to celebrate major festivals and for our Leavers service in the summer. Our children run the Christmas and Leavers services.

The incumbent Headteacher joined the school, as a new Headteacher, in September 2008 when the school was in Notice to Improve. Previously to this, the school was in Serious Weaknesses. Five weeks after the start of the new term, the school was placed in Special Measures. This was a great blow to the staff who had not been complacent, but with clear vision and a mandate for change, they worked tirelessly to achieve it.