Croftlands Junior School

Address Oakwood Drive,
LA12 9JU
Contact Info. T: 01229 585211

Type School
About Us

Learning Together, Growing Together

Croftlands Junior School is a community
school, sharing its extensive site with
an infant school. I was appointed as
Headteacher in 2009 and found a school
that seemed to have lost its way.

Over the previous three years pupil numbers
had decreased significantly, mainly due
to a fall in the local birth rate but partly
due to the school being placed in a Notice
to Improve in 2007, which was lifted in
2008. Numbers continue to fluctuate. Staff
mobility was non-existent with almost all
teachers having spent their entire careers at
the school. Teachers had had a huge amount
of external support during the Notice to
Improve and were working incredibly hard
but most changes had been imposed, with
staff not really understanding their purpose.