Crawford Primary School

Address Crawford Road
Contact Info. T: 020 7274 1046
Type School
About Us

In July 2012 the teachers and pupils in the school achieved the highest Key Stage 2 results in the school’s history and were recognised as the ‘Most Improved School in London’. The challenge was not yet over as the results and success of the academic year 2011 – 2012 had to be built upon, ensuring that the educational outcomes for the pupils continued to rise. In the academic year 2012 -2013, two Deputy Head Teachers were placed in key year groups to sustain and build upon the previously high results; one was placed in Year 2 and one in Year 6. These teachers were expected to model the high quality learning environments, teaching, planning and outcomes for all students. The Deputies underwent the same level of scrutiny as all the other teaching staff. The Leadership Team really had a ‘lead by example’ ethos and it enabled underperformance to be challenged at all times. Basic Skills in Reading and Mathematics were still a focus and children were actively encouraged to become responsible for their learning.