Bishop Aldhelm’s Church Of England
(Voluntary Aided) Primary School

Address Winston Ave,
BH12 1PG
Contact Info. T: 01202 715100
Type School
About Us

‘Mr. Revell shows that love works’ – parental comment made to Head Teacher, Neil Revell (July 2015)

‘The school is about twice the size of the average primary school.’ (OFSTED, June 2015)

From January 2010 – August 2015 our large and heavily over-subscribed primary school has grown from 60 children to 90 children in each year under the headship of Neil Revell. In its June 2015 OFSTED Report, Neil Revell’s leadership was judged to be fundamental to the school’s thriving success – ‘The headteacher plays a pivotal role in sustaining a caring community where all feel welcome and valued.’ (OFSTED 2015).