Barnston Primary School

Address Sandham Grove
CH60 1XW
Contact Info. T: 0151 342 5229
Type School
About Us

Barnston Primary School is a community day school for pupils aged 4 to 11. It opened on its present site in January 1967 but the school was established in Barnston village in 1852. In 1873 a school was built in the grounds of the Barnston Parish Church and remained in that building for 77 years. The school moved to temporary accommodation at the Dale Camp in Storeton Lane in 1950 and remained there until the move to Sandham Grove in 1967.

Barnston Primary is a medium sized primary school with approximately 280 pupils. Except from the Reception Year all classes contain two year groups in relatively equal numbers, to accommodate the uneven in-take on admission to Year 1. Pupils remain for two years with one teacher. At the end of two years the class groups are rearranged as a means of improving pupils’ social development. The school has gained the national Health Promoting School Award and the Sports Activemark.