Bader Primary School

Address Kintyre Drive
TS17 0BY
Contact Info. T: 01642 762856
Type School
About Us

Bader Primary School is a larger than average 4-11 primary school. The percentage of pupils eligible for Free School Meals is well above average. The school has a deprivation factor that is well above average. I am head teacher of the school, taking up post in September 2011.

I found a school that was in dire need of revitalisation after a torrid Ofsted inspection experience, followed by a period of heavy and intrusive local authority intervention. Clearly a root and branch job! So, how did we (for it did become we) push that elephant up the stairs? How have we managed to take our combined Reading, Writing and Maths Level 4 indicator up from a miserly 48% in 2011 to 71% in 2014; Level 4s in Reading from 69% to 82%; Level 4s in Writing from 67% to 87%; Level 4s in Maths from 48% to 82%? Meanwhile, pupil number has risen by 21%, from 276 to 334 and, in May of this year (2014), we negotiated a wholly positive and informative Ofsted inspection experience and were judged to be a Good school; good across the board.