Baden Powell Primary School

Address Ferron Road,
E5 8DN
Contact Info. T: 020 8985 6176
Type School
About Us

Situated within the heart of hackney in London’s East End we are a school that serves a vibrant and diverse population. Situated in one of the most deprived political wards in England and Wales, we understand the importance of our contribution to our children’s lives and also that of their families. Our commitment to serving both the children and their families has built strong bonds and ensured we have a strong sense of community linked to the school.

Our approach to school improvement is to be selective on what we target – to much leads to dilution – and to drive those three or four key areas for the year until we are secure that we have been successful within those areas. The successes that we have had were achieved by the strong commitment of all staff to securing excellence for our children.