Bolton Muslim Girls’ School

Address Swan Lane
Contact Info. T: 01204 361103
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When educationalists, but especially politicians,
talk about schools ‘… in the heart
of the community’, they might well be
talking about Bolton Muslim Girls’ School
[BMGS]. Indeed most first-time visitors
to the school find it just a little too much in
the heart of Bolton’s Muslim community;
it really is very easy to drive past it, surrounded
as it is by the tall mill buildings
that recall Lancashire’s industrial past, and
the more recent Asian fashion food stores.
It was these mills that first brought Bolton’s
Asian community here in the 1960s,
primarily Gujarati Indians and Pakistanis,
although now the school reflects the full
diversity of the town’s Muslim population
- Indian Pakistani, Somali, Arab, Bengali,
Afghani, Kurdish, it is an ever-changing