Ainslie Wood Primary School

Address 140 Ainslie wood Road
Waltham Forest
E4 9DD
Contact Info. T: 0208 5237913
Type School
About Us

Swift improvement through collaboration

Ainslie Wood is a larger than average primary school in NE London. We have around 450 children on roll with over 70% ethnic minority and 43% EAL. Over the 19 years the school has been open it has survived significant instability, facing both highs and lows. Results under the four previous heads have varied greatly and the school has been placed in a category twice - the last time being 2009. When I arrived for my first headship in September 2013, the school was at another low point in terms of results. Following a three year downward trend, KS2 results were at an all time low with only 43% achieving L4+ in RWM.